• Halloween... Keep the Spirits Away by Using Candy
  • Isaac Rau
Halloween... Keep the Spirits Away by Using Candy

I was shocked to find out how easy it is to stop evil spirits from coming in my home and harassing me on Halloween…Scary Shrunken Head Gumball Machine

Just give them candy.

Heck, the same thing worked on my kids so I should have known. (Please don’t call CPS or send hate mail, my kids are 22 and 18)

Apparently; the costumes on Halloween are to scare the ghouls away and the candy is like a peace offering to keep the spirits from harming us. So, keep this in mind when you turn off your lights and act like “nobody is home.” You know who you are and the spirits know too.

With Halloween right around the corner; now is the time to stock up on your candy supply at gumball.com. I would order some now, just to be safe.

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