• Jaw-Dropping Sculptures Made From... Pink Chewing Gum!
  • Jennifer Kay
Jaw-Dropping Sculptures Made From... Pink Chewing Gum!

Maurizio Savini is an Italian artist who makes insanely intricate and beautiful sculptures out of Pink Chewing Gum. Granted, chewing gum may not be the most common medium used by artists but nonetheless, these sculptures are deserving of the highest praises from the art community.

Artist Maurizio uses "warmed" chewing gum for easier manipulation and states that the gum can be cut with a knife and used like clay. Once he has his desired outcome, he finishes the sculpture with formaldehyde and antibiotics. These beautiful and awe-inspiring sculptures have sold for up to $60,000 each. So, the next time you spit out a piece of chewing gum you may or may not want to look at it differently.  


Bear made out of pink chewing gum

Pair of high heel shoes made of pink bubble gum

Chandelier made out of pink bubble gum

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