• The Benefits of Mechanical Vending Machines
  • Jennifer Kay
The Benefits of Mechanical Vending Machines
Seaga CA18 mechanical snack machine

Although purchasing a refrigerated drink vending machine may be tempting, you may have to face minor increases in your electricity bill to help cool your machine. If you are not ready for this expense, you can still make money and create a fun atmosphere with a simple mechanical vending machine.

There are many advantages to using a mechanical bulk vending machine. These machines can be used in restaurants, businesses, and many other stores. How does a mechanical vending machine work? Simply put change into the coin slot and turn the knob, this causes product to fall off the helix coil and drop down to collection tray. The price charged per vend is fully adjustable and instructions are included on how to set the price for each item. Note: exact change is needed to initiate a vend as this machine will not give change. How Bulk Vending Can Help You? Vending machines are good for both you and your clients or employees. Not only can you see a financial return, but people can also get the perfect amount of candy or gum that they want. Mechanical bulk vending machines come with many benefits, including:
  • No use of electricity, so they will not raise your electric bill
  • A wide variety of candy, gum, and toy choices that you can choose
  • Space-saving designs
  • Reliability due to entirely mechanical structure
Additionally, it is typically much cheaper to buy items in bulk rather than as individual items that must be stocked in electric snack vending machines Both adults and children alike enjoy bulk vending machines. They offer that perfect amount of candy or gum to give people just enough, while still saving you money. We can help you choose the best mechanical bulk vending machine for your facility. For more information give gumball.com a call at: 1-800-260-0010.
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