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Types of Vending Machines

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What type of vending machine do you want to own and operate?

Amusement Games:

  • Arcade Novelties, Basketball
  • Electronic Darts
  • Electronics & Monitors
  • Golf, Jukebox & Music
  • Kiddie Rides, Pinball
  • Pool, Slots
  • Table Top Skill Games
  • Video

Beverage/ Snack/ Food Machines:

  • Hot/Frozen/Refrigerated
  • Beverages
  • Coffee/Specialty Coffee
  • Fruit
  • Pop/Soda/Juice
  • Sandwich

Bulk Machines:

  • Baseball Cards, Candy, Capsules
  • Games, Gumball, Lollipop
  • Stickers, Tattoos, Trinkets, Toys
  • Change Machines
  • Coin Operated Laundry
  • Counter Top Video

Personal Products:

  • Condoms, First Aid
  • Travel Aids, Cigars
  • Pay Telephones
  • Phone Card Dispensers/Phone Cards
  • Photo Booths
  • Vending Carts

Tips & Useful Information

Locations: Locations are one of the most important aspects of the vending business. The placement of your vending machines will determine profitability of your route.

Top Redemption games in arcades: Alley Bowlers, Ball Boss, Kiddie Rides, Novelties, Pushers, Rolldowns, Shooting Games, Sports Games, Token Action Games, Video Redemptions and Whackers. Average commission paid on these locations is 25% to 50%.

Cranes Games:Fluff your plush - every service call and arrange stuffed animals so that all eyes are facing front. To help with sales: Purchase licensed products, such as NFL/ NBA/ Disney/etc. Try to buy pre-packs from plush suppliers. Seasonal pre-packs, sports merchandise, hats, t-shirts and novelties. Use the best, soft squeezable, well-made plush toys. Prices range from 50¢ to $15.00 each, depending on size and quantity.

Kiddie Rides: Kiddie Rides are a natural add-on for bulk. And more locations are accepting kiddie rides than in the past. Look for malls, pet stores, pizza parlors, and food courts for a prime location. Make sure to purchase liability Insurance.

Jukeboxes: If you own or operate a jukebox, you need to know that the United States Copyright Law protects the copyright owners of the music played on the jukebox. Make sure to do your research before placing a machine on your route.

Bulk Machines: Bulk vending is easy to do part-time and is proven to be successful. Low initial investment makes it an ideal home-based business with a high profit margin. Benefits include a weekly cash flow, unlimited growth and you can set your own hours.

Sticker Machines: Sticker machines prove profitable with the right merchandise. The machines typically have six columns, take up to 200 stickers and vend at 50 cents. Best success when changing merchandise once a month. Children and young adults are the buyers. Good sellers are tattoos, cat heads and happy faces, dog heads and Loony Toons and sports. Keep up on the latest fads, ask your product supplier for the hottest selling items. Average commissions paid are 30% of gross sales to the location.

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