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Pro's and Con's of Operating Bulk Candy Vending Machines

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Useful Tips & Information

Bulk Machines: Bulk vending is easy to do part-time and is proven to be successful. Low initial investment makes it an ideal home-based business with a high profit margin. Benefits include a weekly cash flow, unlimited growth and you can set your own hours.

Location, Location, Location: Locations are one of the most important aspects of the vending business. The placement of your vending machines will determine profitability of your route.

Pros: You may spend $40 to $2,700 on bulk candy vending machines as compared to $400 to $10,000 on other types of vending machines.

Cons: With bulk candy vending, there is a longer time span to receive large revenues. Make sure and do some research before you purchase.

Buying Bulk Product: You can purchase product from wholesale buying clubs, distributors or direct from the manufacturers. Always purchase the highest quality and freshest product available. The product may be cheaper per pound but if the quality isn't good, the customers will not buy the product a second time. Always purchase items you can use within a 30 day period. You always want to turn the product as fast as possible, so when you see that an item isn't moving, change out that product. Always give good amounts per vend… don’t be stingy! Customers want to feel that they’re getting their money's worth and you want the repeat business.

Climate Change: Candies will react differently in different climates and temperatures. Be aware of the location of the machines and the products in them. Avoid placing a machine directly in sunlight or in front of windows. The heat is magnified by the window and may cause damage to your product. Avoid chocolate items where the machine is not in air conditioning environment.

Filling the Machines: For the first fill, we recommend only filling each product bin half to two-thirds full. This will help keep your initial out-of-pocket costs down and you will get revenue from the machine to buy additional candy. Once you have experience with the location, you can adjust the amount of product with the demands of that location.

Keeping Fresh Candy: Always reseal each case after opening and store cases of candy 4 to 6 inches off the floor. Rotate both display and stored candy regularly. Make sure that your storage area is regularly inspected by a professional pest control service and DO NOT Spray household insecticides or cleaners around stored or displayed candy.

Service the Machines: Service the location about 10 days to 2 weeks after the initial placement. This will allow you to see how the unit is doing and make sure that everything is working well.

Cleaning Tips: Always keep the machine clean. When changing product, be sure to thoroughly clean the inside of the machine. Also remember to respect your customer's area by cleaning up your trash!

Service Tips: If you use Hot Tamales, Mike & Ikes or any jelly bean type product, you can help eliminate the “sticking together” problem by spraying the product with non-stick cooking spray. Place the product in a large mixing bowl, lightly coat with cooking spray and stir with wooden spoon before placing into the machine.

When removing the money from the machines you can use a large cup to put the money in or use a separate cup for each machine. Just place a piece of paper or service card with the location name in the cup or bag. This will help you have accurate information when it’s time to record all of your service calls.

Ask the employees what types of items they would like to have in the machines and change the products if needed.

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  • Jun 27, 2022

    Please I am from Ghana West Africa and want to do the bulk candy business, first where can I buy the machines and also the candies from. Secondly how much do I need to spend on a ten triplehead machine, I want to no the cost of the machines and shipment to Ghana. Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon

    — Godfred Darkwah

  • Sep 23, 2020

    good advise I have been doing this for 14 years the only change i would make is instead of a cup to collect money bank bags with the location on it is a great way the banks give these away free if asked and they zipper up! I also spray the area that the candy touches lightly, with the cooking spray and wipe off excess instead of the candy .

    — tim lawhead

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