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Gumball Machine is a renowned gumball machine distributor! You've come to the best place on the Internet for bubble gum machines. We work with the leading manufacturers of bubble gum machines to bring you the most comprehensive selection of inexpensive gumball vending machines in an amazing variety of styles, shapes and sizes. We offer a complete line of professional grade machines, as well as home-use machines, that vend gum, candy and even snacks. We have a large range of styles including vintage, classic, the famous wizard spiral, the popular carousel gumball machines and more. In addition most of our machines can be converted to accept tokens and non-U.S. currency. More

Gumball Machines

Nearly every child and adult instantly recognizes the familiar appeal of receiving gum or candy from a classic gumball machine. Today these machines can be found in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. The variety in machines is only out done by the assortment of gum, candy, and toys capable of being dispensed from the machines. Some people even use their machines to dispense pet and fish food. Gumball machines are a colorful and stylish way to appease passersby with candies or toys. Whatever machine, candy, or gumball you’re looking for, check out for the best selection on the internet.

Styles offers a wide range of options of gumball machines.  If you’re looking for a home use machine be sure to check out our Carousel products. These classic style machines are a fun and decorative way to dispense gum or candy. These make great gifts and can be used to dispense more than just gum.  

We also have a wide variety of professional grade machines if you’re interested in a simple way to generate more revenue for your business or to or expand your vending route. We have one of the largest selections of gumball machines online. If you have multiple machines you would like to place on a stand or rack you’ve come to the right place. We offer single table top machines; vending racks with up to 16 machines, and everything in between.  

There is a large selection of color options to choose from. You can choose to have your machine stand out and grab attention, or blend in to match its environment. Some of our products even offer multiple color options for the same machine.

For an entertaining twist on the traditional gumball machine, check out our collection of spiral machines. Whether they’re lit up with rope lights or towering over customers --- like our 7’6” Mega Wizard--- they’re sure to catch the attention of any passerby. Pinball gumball machines are another great way to entertain and please by not only allowing the customer get to play pinball, but also rewarding them with a tasty treat when they’re finished.

To achieve a more retro look, our Replica Gas Pump Machines provide a historical quality to your machine. They also offer the option of a customized emblem on the sign, or a classic logo. These tall appliances are a great attention grabber for any location they’re placed in.

Nearly all these machines can be configured to accept tokens and non-U.S. currency. Most of them can also dispense more than just gumballs. Some are capable of vending candy, nuts, toys, and pet food.  Check out our parts section for machines needing repair or refurbishing.  

A Brief History

The use of vending machines to dispense gum can be traced back as early as the late 19th Century when the Thomas Adams gum company placed gum vending machines on the platforms of the New York City subway stations. They sold Tutti-Frutti gum and gained popularity through the novel idea of selling their product through a machine. Other companies witnessed the benefits of being able to sell their product without even having to be there and soon started improvising on the designs.

By the 20th Century gumball machines were more common.  In 1913 a young man by the name of Ford Mason leased 102 of the newly invented machines and initiated his gum empire. In his early years gumball machines were inconsistent and often dispensed poor quality gum. Ford decided to take matters into his own hands and infuse his business with integrity. He began manufacturing his own gum and machines that were consistent and reliable. Their dependability earned them a reputation as a quality product that has survived to this very day. Ford gum now produces the carousel gumball machines that are found in countless homes and is the largest gum manufacturer in the U.S.

Recent innovations have given gumball machines a new spin on the functionality of their classic predecessors. Some machines today, like the Wizard Spiral gumball machine, have added an entertainment aspect to gumball vending. Adults and kids alike love seeing their candy spiral down the track before eating it. Today’s machines continue to evolve and improve to enhance the gumball vending experience.