Candy Machine

We are the candy machine superstore! Gumball.com offers an incredible assortment of candy vending machines for both professional and personal-use. We have everything from 1 head personal machines to 6 head racks for professional vending in small spaces. Choose your color, size, number of heads, style, all the choices are yours.

Is your current machine in need of repair? We stock a complete line of factory original candy machine parts! Did you know we can convert most of our candy dispensers to accept foreign currency and vending tokens?

Candy Machines

Gumball.com offers much more than gumball machines. We also carry a large selection of candy machines. This provides you and your customers a much wider variety of options to choose from. Browse our single head, double head, and triple candy machine sections. To offer your customers the ultimate selection our candy machine racks can hold up to 16 machines. The adjustable candy wheel allows you to regulate how much candy will dispense for each serving. Giving you the option to control how much product you can sell. If you need some ideas of what to stock your candy machines with, check out our bulk candy selection for some great ideas.

What can I vend in my candy machine?

These machines are capable of vending much more than just candy. Bar owners occasionally use them to dispense peanuts. Health clinics have used them to dispense vitamins. They can also be set up out doors to dispense pet or fish food. There are many more possibilities of items that can be dispensed in these machines. Our bulk candy section is full of great options of what you can stock your machine with.

How do I adjust the candy wheel?

First you need to take off the top lid so you can remove the globe. Then you once you’ve removed the brush plate you can take the candy wheel out. Most candy wheels have a metal covering over the plastic wheel. This can be adjusted to dispense the maximum and minimum amount of candy possible. You will have to determine what amount delivers the most candy to your customers, while still maintaining a profit. By minimizing the returns on the customer’s purchase you risk losing repeat business so it’s important to find that happy medium.


-Because these machines are dispensing edible items, cleaning your machine regularly is a must. A clear globe and spotless presentation is much more enticing to your potential customers.

-When vending candy like Mike & Ike’s, jelly beans, or Hot Tamales---especially in humid climates---you may want to spray them with cooking oil and mix them around in a large bowl before stocking them in your machine. This prevents them from sticking together and enhances their ability to vend.

-If you have more than one machine, try a different combination of candy and mix it up. This will help you determine which type is most popular and profitable so you can stock more.