Crane Machine Refills

Gumball.com is the number one online destination for the largest selection of claw machine refills. Shop our huge plush toy selection to attract attention to any crane machine. We offer a variety of licensed and generic plush toys in many different shapes and sizes.

If you want prizes from some of your favorite animated shows and cartoons, look no further. We feature many popular characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Pokemon, Family Guy, Hello Kitty, Smurfs, Simpsons, Dora the Explorer, Despicable Me Minions, Clifford the Big Red Dog, South Park, and many more.

If you'd like to furnish your machine with more seasonal goods, we have plush toys for numerous holidays. Load up on hearts and teddy bears for lovers on Valentine's Day. Pastel bunny rabbits are a perfect addition around Easter. Be patriotic with our 4th of July mix. Our ghouls, goblins, monsters, witches, and ghosts are essential for Halloween. You can follow that up by getting in the holiday spirit with the Christmas plush mix.

When you purchase stuffed animals you will have the option of filling your machine with a certain percentage of licensed goods. The licensed toys tend to be more desirable and sought after because the customers are more familiar with the product. The higher the percentage of licensed goods, the more attractive the machine is to customers. This doesn't necessarily mean machines filled with generic toys don't generate revenue. A well located machine can make money with almost any plush toy in it. We do suggest adding at least a percentage of licensed plush to your machine, to increase familiarity with your customers and your prizes.

Claw machines are not limited to vending plush toys. Many machines contain a variety of prizes. Some vendors use their crane machines to vend electronics like headphones, mp3 players, watches, and speakers. Be sure to check out our eye catching jewelry that is also a big seller in crane machines. You can even use candy with some machines. Check out our candy crane mix to see what different types of mixes we recommend.

One of the most popular crane machines refills are vending balls. These lightweight prizes fill up an empty machine quickly and provide great value to the vendor. Our variety of faces, logos, and designs are proven sellers.