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ESD Slide Coin Mechanism

ESD Coin Slide

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ESD Coin Slide - ESD Systems is known globally for making the highest quality coin slides. The company prides itself in securing your lively-hood by offering sliding coin mechanisms that are built with rugged, case hardened parts. ESD offers a slide coin mechansim for almost any situation! These slide mechs are perfect for sticker and tattoo vending machines, coin laundry, coin-operated pool tables and more. Choosing is easy. Simply pick the coin slot setup you want.

  • 5 coin slide can be set to accept from 1 to 5 quarters
  • Variable price settings: 25¢ - 50¢ - 75¢ - $1.00
  • All sides are case hardened to resist damage from slamming
  • Patented built-in-lever-lock prevents free vend
  • Built in security rejects slugs, tile and foreign coins
  • Stainless steel gate prevents front tampering and rusting
  • Vertical coin acceptance
  • One-step pricing adjustment allows prices to be changed in seconds without disassembly
  • Initial vend pricing is preset at factory per your order
  • Standard format that is compatible with all existing extensions and machines
  • Triple chrome plate

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