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Carousel Machines

Original Carousel Gumball Machine - These classic antique gumball machines have been a favorite for over 40 years! These are novelty machines and accept any kind of coins, or can be set to free play. Perfect for use in the office or in the home, the Carousel gumball machine is sure to put a smile on your face. These make great gifts. You can't have much more fun than this. Don't forget to fill your classic machine with one of our gumball refills. Looking for replacement parts? We stock the complete line of factory original parts. If you need help repairing your machine, check out our Carousel Gumball Machine parts page for instructional how-to-videos and FREE down loadable instructions in PDF format. Searching for a specific machine? Then check out our complete list of Carousel Gumball Machine Model Numbers


Carousel Gumball Machines

If you’re interested in bringing the classic look and feel of a gumball machine into your home, look no further than Carousel Gumball Machines by Ford Gum. These traditional styled machines make great gifts and are capable of dispensing gumballs, candy, and more! There are several sizes to choose from. You can place it on a stand or table top. Decide between the traditional Carousel Machine or the even more classic, Old Columbia Carousel Machine. We also offer sports and transparent Carousel machines. You can even have yours customized with a name or logo printed on the globe. Be sure to check out our parts section to fix or refurbish your machine.


King Carousel Machine

                -15” tall and can hold up to 5lbs of .62” gumballs (approximately 1,100 gumballs).

Old Columbia Gumball Machine

                -15” tall and can hold 4lbs of .62” gumballs (approximately 900 gumballs).

Junior Carousel Gumball Machine

                -12” tall and can hold 2lbs of .62” gumballs (approximately 450 gumballs).

Sports Gumball Machines

                -12” tall and can hold 2lbs of .62” gumballs (approximately 450 gumballs).

Transparent Gumball Machine

                -11” tall and can hold 1.5lbs of .62” gumballs (approximately 340 gumballs).

Petite Carousel Gumball Machine

                -9” tall and can hold 13 oz. of .62” gumballs (approximately 185 gumballs).

What can I dispense in my Carousel Gumball Machine?

These machines are capable of vending gumballs and candy alike. Items commonly used in these machines include M&M’s, Skittles, Peanuts, Jelly Beans, and of course, gumballs. Some people even use Carousel Machines as a decorative way to dispense pet food. Most of the larger sizes allow for the vending wheel to be adjusted, allowing a specific amount of gum or candy to be dispensed.

Should I get a stand?

If you have a King size or Old Columbia Machine you have the option of adding a stand. This antique style stand is an attractive way to display your machine. Its sturdy four legged base is dependable and safe. It screws directly into the bottom of the machine making it easy to mount.

What coins do they take?

The Carousel Machines accept almost all coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. They are also capable of being set to free spin, requiring no coins to turn the coin mechanism. This is accomplished by removing the globe from the machine, sliding the coin mechanism off of the body, and unscrewing the black tab holding the brass arm preventing the handle from turning. You can watch how to set to free spin in this video:

How do I adjust my candy wheel?

To adjust the candy wheel to dispense more or less candy you need to first remove the globe and the brush plate. You can then slide the metal covering over the open slot to make it bigger or smaller. To do this with the junior size you must first loosen the screw holding the metal covering to the wheel. The wheel for the petite size in not adjustable. For more information check out our youtube chanel: