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Carousel Gumball Machine Parts

Carousel King and Junior Gumball Machine Replacement Parts

Questions about your Carousel gumball machine? Check out our Carousel Gumball Machine Instruction Videos for help with all your questions about Carousel gumball machines! Searching for a specific machine? Check out our somewhat complete list of the Carousel Industries Gumball Machine Model Numbers.

We are an authorized factory dealer of the Carousel bubble gum machine line. All parts are new original replacement parts. We carry parts for both the Carousel King Gumball Machine and the Carousel Junior Gumball Machine.

Click the image above to view a diagram of the replacement parts for the Carousel gumball machine.

Wondering what size globe you need? Simply measure the height of your machine from base to top cap.

  • If the machine is 14"-15" tall, you need a King globe.
  • If the machine is 11"-12" tall, you need a Junior globe
  • If the machine is 8"-9" tall, you need a Petite globe.