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Gumball machine by Carousel Industries

The Carousel brand gumball machine was originally created by Arthur Gold of Carousel Industries (frequently misspelled as Carosel Industries) in the 1950's and has been an Americas favorite ever since. The former company addresses below were (NOTE: THIS CONTACT INFORMATION IS NO LONGER VALID):

Carousel Industries
Carousel Industries
Morton Grove, IL 60053 Des Plains, IL 60018

If you have a Carousel gumball machine and are attempting to match up a model number to the current product offerings because you want another machine or you seek out replacement parts, then take the following two steps:

1. Ignore the model number (we hate to admit that our systems are outdated and we cannot match our paper systems to an electronic version - it's true)

2. Measure the height of your machine from the top lid to base (do not include stand if you have one). Most models generally fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  • KING - 14"-15" tall from the top to the bottom base (please exclude the antique stand from the calculation)
  • JUNIOR - 11"-12" tall (in rare cases this machine also has a stand)
  • PETITE - 9" tall

Now that you know what size gumball machine you have, click one of the following links to shop for either a new Carousel Gumball Machine or if you need Carousel Gumball Machine Parts.

The following is a partial list of the Carousel Industries gumball machines model numbers:

How to read a Carousel gumball machine serial number?

Model Number Also Nnown As
3006 King with Stand
3034 King
3000 Junior
3300 Petite
3301 Petite machine with 8 oz. gumballs
3032 Old Columbia
3050 Gum Worx Acrylic Gumball Machine
3060 Sports Fan Baseball Machine
3061 Sports Fan Football Machine
3062 Sports Fan Golf Machine
3700 Gas Pump Gumball Machine
1600 Snack Dispenser - Pink
1601 Snack Dispenser - Red
1602 Snack Dispenser - White
1603 Snack Dispenser - Blue
65175 Novelty Spiral Gumball Machine
M4-027237 M4027237
NO-84-A 84A
NO-84-A-010237 84A010237
NO-84-A-040018 84A040018
NO-84-A-044592 84A044592
NO-84-A-053821 84A053821
NO-84-A-06822 84A06822
NO-84-C-000086 84C000086
NO-84-C-001246 84C001246
NO-84-C-005516 84C005516
NO-84-C-010658 84C010658
NO-85-A 85A
NO-85-A-011260 85A011260
NO-85-A-023474 85A023474
NO85-C-005473 Old Columbia 85C005473
NO-85-B-087573 85B087573
NO-85-J 85J
NO-85-J-025422 85J025422
NO-85-J-089775 85J089775
NO-85-J-091097 85J091097
NO-85-J-150124 85J150124
NO-86-A 86A
NO-86-A-000341 86A000341
NO-86-A-004774 86A004774
NO-86-A-011663 86A011663
NO-86-A-012717 86A012717
NO-86-AD-014075 86AD014075
NO-86-A-057710 86A057710
NO-86-A-117468 86A117468
NO-86-A-122087 86A122087
NO-86-A-128333 86A128333
NO-86-CGP-008215 86CGP008215
NO-86-D 86D
NO-86-D-008703 86D008703
NO-86-D-038061 86D038061
NO-86-D-006513 86D006513
NO-86-D-010731 86D010731
NO-86-J5 86J5
NO-86-J5-065585 86J5065585
NO-86-JD 86JD
NO-86-JD-000827 86JD000827
NO-86-K 86K
NO-86-K-020907 86K020907
NO-86-P 86P
NO-86-P-088566 86P088566
NO-87-008926 87008926
NO-87-A 87A
NO-87-A-03784 87A03784
NO-87-A-065645 87A065645
NO-87-A-082653 87A082653
NO-87-A-084629 87A084629
NO-87-A-097558 87A097558
NO-87-A-127196 87A127196
NO-87-A-134177 87A134177
NO-87-A-137096 87A137096
NO-87-A-157301 87A157301
NO-87-A-158527 87A158527
NO-87-A-163641 87A163641
NO-87-A-178338 87A178338
NO-87-A-181555 87A181555
NO-87-AD 87AD
NO-87-AD-011196 87AD011196
NO-87-AD-023382 87AD023382
NO-87-AD-037360 87AD037360
NO-87-AD-042580 87AD042580
NO-87-AD-044301 87AD044301
NO-87-D 87D
NO-87-D-007837 87D007837
NO-87-D-011874 87D011874
NO-87-D-014234 87D014234
NO-87-D-015683 87D015683
NO-87-J 87J
NO-87-J-052187 87J052187
NO-87-J-197707 87J197707
NO-87-JD 87JD
NO-87-JD-003847 87JD003847
NO-87-JD-044615 87JD044615
NO-87-JD-052948 87JD052948
NO-87-JN 87JN
NO-87-JN-008926 87JN008926
NO-87-P-035421 87P035421
NO-87-PD 87PD
NO-87-PD-069807 87PD069807
NO-87-WC-001219 87WC001219
NO-88 88
NO-88-AB 88AB
NO-88-AB-011937 88AB011937
NO-88-AB-018960 88AB018960
NO-88-B 88B
NO-88-B-037212 88B037212 JUNIOR stand capable
NO-88-B-047025 88B047025
NO-88-B-087573 88B087573
NO-88-B-604923 88B604923
NO-88-D 88D
NO-88-D-00486 88D00486
NO-88-D-017775 88D017775
NO-88-D-021008 88D021008
NO-88-D-027336 88D027336
NO-88-D-048277 88D048277
NO-88-D-055675 88D055675
NO-88-D-061045 88D061045
NO-88-D-082335 88D082335
NO-88-D-090532 88D090532
NO-88-D-104567 88D104567
NO-88-O 88O
NO-88-O-000739 88O000739
NO-88-O-006069 88O006069
NO-88-J 88J
NO-88-J-014553 88J014553
NO-88-R 88R
NO-88-R-00956 88R00956
NO-88-R-01576 88R01576
NO-88-Z-000852 88Z000852
NO-88-R-07565 88R07565
NO-89-AB 89AB
NO-89-AC 89AC
NO-89-AC-036831 89AC036831
NO-89-B 89B
NO-89-B-064114 89B064114
NO-89-D 89D
NO-89-D-001873 89D001873
NO-89-D-022040 89D022040
NO-89-D-023837 89D023837
NO-89-D-026349 89D026349
NO-89-D-041098 89D041098
NO-90-JB-060927 NO90JB-060927
NO-90-V 90V
NO-90-V-080712 90V080712
91-D-031586 91D031586
NO-92-D 92D
NO-92-D-054978 92D054978
NO-93-D 93D
NO-93-D-019299 93D019299
NO-93-D-040053 93D040053
NO-94-D 94D
NO-94-D-011029 94D011029
NO-94-D-007805 94D007805
NO-94-D-008498 94D008498
NO-94-D-008718 94D008718
NO-94-D-012054 94D012054
NO-94-D-013790 94D013790
NO-94-D-014257 94D014257
NO-94-D-024048 94D024048
NO-94-D-029023 94D029023
NO-98 COMBO 020583 98020583

Note: The company name is occasionally misspelled and people refer to these products as Carosel gumball machines.