Saeco Diamante Espresso, Coffee, Cold Drink & Snack Vending Machine

Price: $ 6,999.00Sale: $ 4,095.00

Saeco Diamante Espresso, Coffee, Cold Drink & Snack Vending Machine

Price: $ 6,999.00Sale: $ 4,095.00

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  • Saeco Diamante Combination Vending Machine - BLOW OUT SALE! It's the BEST deal on a Saeco Diamante. One-stop vending machine dispenses barista quality fresh-ground espresso & coffee, cold drinks + snacks. The Diamante can do it all. This one-of-a-kind vending machine has broad appeal by offering the convenience of being able to obtain hot or cool drinks and snacks at the same location. Boasting bean-to-cup technology, it features 9 fresh-brewed coffee and hot drink selections along-with a refrigerated section for cold drinks, snacks and candy. Occupying a small footprint, this one-stop convenience store is perfect for medium sized offices or vending placements. The Diamante, utilizing the patented Saeco brewing technology, delivers fresh bean to cup coffee at the push of a button, either using the automatic cup drop option, or using a customer supplied mug. The Diamante holds 36 cans or small drink bottles, four shelves of snacks with 24-30 spiral rows and a 220 X 8 ounce coffee cup capacity. Available in either plumbed line or water tank versions.


    • Automatically dispenses cups (up to 220), sugar and stirrers, cold bottles and snacks
    • Coin Changer 5 Tube and Bill Validator included
    • Paperless Saeco Brewing Unit with new pre-heating system
    • Saeco Power Boost: top quality espresso from the first dispensing, easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Compatible with all industry standard payment systems (parallel & serial MDB, BDV and Executive)
    • Personalization of the spiral and tray configuration
    • Keypad with 9-buttons for direct hot beverage selection and 6 buttons for cold beverage and snack selections
    • Customizable settings
    • 4 pre-selection keys: +/- sugar, decaffeinated, and no-cup option
    • Display: 2-line, 20 character alphanumeric display
    • Optional Payment system (Bills+ Coins) available at additional cost- CALL
    • CALL -Credit Card Payment System:accept credit, debit, and payments by smartphone


    • Product Type: HOT: espresso from coffee bean and instant products - COLD: snack, can & bottle
    • Technology: Fully automatic machine and automatic dispensing of cups
    • Locations: small to mid-size
    • Number of selections: 9 hot beverage; 24-30 cold drink and snack
    • Number of pre-selections: 4
    • Coffee bean containers: 2
    • Instant product containers: 4
    • Sugar containers: 1
    • Number of mixers: 4
    • Cup capacity: 220
    • Cup size: 8 ounces (2.75 or 3 inch diameter)
    • Stirrer capacity: 300
    • Stirrer sizes: 3.5", 4", 4.5"
    • Number Trays: 4-5
    • 18 beverage capacity per shelf; 143 multi-sized snack capacity
    • Power supply: 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 1750 W
    • Water Supply: 3/4" water connection, optional independent 5 gallon water tank
    • Dimensions: 33" W x 28" D x 75" H
    • Weight: 559 lbs
    • Color: black and silver
    • Manufacturer: Saeco
    • Model:SEA DIAMANTE
    • Made in Italy
    • Click for Saeco Diamante Instruction Manual
    • Click for Saeco Diamante Brochure
    • NEW with Full manufacturers warranty

    Canister Capacity:

    • Coffee beans 6.0 lbs
    • Instant coffee 1.3 lbs
    • Milk 3.5 lbs
    • Chocolate 6.4 lbs
    • French Vanilla 4.9 lbs

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