M&M's Plain 42-Ounce Bag

$ 15.97

M&M's Plain 42-Ounce Bag

Price: $ 15.97

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  • M&Ms Plain candy - M&Ms are an American favorite candy! Kids of all ages prefer M&M's which is why vending operators choose to offer M&Ms plain candies to their clientele. Offered in a 42 ounce "party size" resealable bag, these bulk M&Ms candies will vend from any standard candy machine with a candy wheel.

    • Flavor: candy coated milk chocolate
    • Colors: red, yellow orange, green, blue, etc
    • Size: 3/8 inch approx, (M&M size)
    • Quantity: About 500 pieces per pound of plain M&M's
    • Weight: 42 ounce (2.625 lbs) resealable bag
    • Manufacturer: Mars
    • Made in USA

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