MC350RL-CC Credit Card-to-Ticket Changer

$ 4,085.00

MC350RL-CC Credit Card-to-Ticket Changer

Price: $ 4,085.00

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  • MC350RL-CC Credit Card-to-Ticket Change Machine - The MC350RL-CC is a NEW Modular Series Rear Load Ticket Dispensing Change machines that can be used in Carnival or Amusement locations to help provide ride and game tickets for your patrons. These machines can be placed in Ticket Booths at locations around your park or midway, and give customers convenient access to purchasing tickets, without hiring additional attendants. The design provides lots of variety and versatility in meeting your business needs. Eliminate long lines and labor problems by letting your customers buy tickets from these machines! MC350RL-CC: Simple-function, high capacity ticket dispensers - holds up to 10,000 fanfold tickets. Refit with a 2 ticket dispenser and double your capacity by dispensing tickets side-by-side. Credit Card acceptance only. The steel face plate allows for flush mounting in a ticket booth, or order with an optional stainless steel face plate.

    • Rear load configuration for credit card-to-tickets
    • Weatherproof mag-stripe card reader with a dial-up POS device
    • LCD display and choice of 4-Button "Package" Select or 3-Button "Pulse" Select kits - controlled by EF module
    • Entropy 1.156" wide ticket dispenser - with cassette (holds 10,000 fanfold tickets)
    • Stainless steel cover plate for secure ticket dispense
    • Heavy duty solid-welded steel cabinet with 1 T-handle lock and Ace plug
    • High gloss powder coat paint finish on cabinet, flush-mount face plate with tough lexan graphics
    • 2 year limited warranty & ETL certified in accordance with UL and CSA standards
    • Dimensions: 32" H x 9" W x 13" D
    • Hopper Capacity: holds up to 10,000 fanfold tickets
    • Color: Black & Yellow
    • Weight: 105 lbs
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    Machine Condition: Gumball.com is an authorized distributor for Standard Change-Makers and does not sell used or refurbished equipment. This is a brand new change machine with full manufacturers warranty.

    Canadian Change Machine Orders: Please call 1-800-260-0010 to have a Canadian bill acceptor installed and to arrange shipping to locations across Canada.