Hot Tamales 4.5 LB Bag

$ 14.97

Hot Tamales 4.5 LB Bag

Price: $ 14.97

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  • Hot Tamales Candies - 72oz (4.5 lbs) Bulk - Introduced in 1950, Hot Tamales candy continues to be America's favorite chewy cinnamon-flavored candy. These are the same hot tamales candy that you enjoyed eating as a kid. Fire up your taste buds with these sweet cinnamon flavored Hot tamales.

    Hot Tamales bulk candy can be dispensed from any of our candy machines with a bulk candy dispensing wheel.

    • Flavor: sweet hot cinnamon
    • Colors: red
    • Size: approximately M&M size
    • Quantity: approximately 910 pieces
    • Weight: 72 oz or 4.5 lbs.
    • Manufacturer: Just Born Candy Company
    • Made in USA

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