Hot Cinnamon Gumballs (1"/850 count)

$ 43.95

Hot Cinnamon Gumballs (1"/850 count)

Price: $ 43.95

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  • Hot Cinnamon Gumballs - Everyone loves the extreme taste of hot cinnamon gumballs. Fill your machine with Hot Cinnamon Gumballs and watch your sales heat up.

    • Flavor: Hot Cinnamon
    • Color: Deep red
    • Size: 1 inch
    • Quantity: 850 gumballs
    • Weight: 17 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Ford Gum
    • Made in USA

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    BVK Kosher Seal

    Ford Gum products are Certified Kosher by BVK (Buffalo Vaad of Kashrus)

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    Fresh and Delicious, make me proud.

    This box of "Delicious" Hot Cinnamon Gumballs were so "Fresh" that I canned them in Ball Mason jars and carried them around to everyone to see what good ones are like or supposed to be. The last few boxes from competitors were cracked from being frozen and chipped off all the flavor aside from the hard dry chew. These are making me proud to be a gumball guy again! Thanks!

    Great Flavor!

    This is a great (strong) cinnamon flavor!

    Gum is good but not really hot.

    I'd really like to find some really 'hot' gum and I thought this Hot Cinnamon might be it. It's a good gum with good flavor and very fresh but not nearly as hot as a Fireball would be. I'm a bit disappointed but still highly recommend it for anyone wanting a good flavor cinnamon gum without much heat.