Fried Eggs Gummies

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Fried Eggs Gummies

Price: $ 68.97

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  • Fried Eggs Gummies ?ª?­ª??ª?? Start your day sunny side up with these fun gummy fried eggs! They have a juicy peach taste with a fun fried egg look. They?ª?­ª?ª??›re shaped like breakfast but taste like dessert. The kids will go wild breaking the breakfast rules! 60 per box / 6 boxes per case.


    • Flavor: peach
    • Color: white and yellow
    • Quantity: 360 per case
    • Size: 3?ª?­ª? W
    • Manufacturer: e.frutti
    • Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, gelling agent: gelatine, humectant, sorbitol syrup, modified corn starch, acidulant: citric acid, corn starch, acidulant: malic acid, artificial and natural flavors, artificial colors, glazing agent: vegetable oil (coconut, palm and palm kernel oils), carnauba wax, beeswax,
    • Made in Spain

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