Duckies Figurines 1" Capsules

$ 41.95

Duckies Figurines 1" Capsules

Price: $ 41.95

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  • Duckies Figurines 1 Inch Acorn Toy Capsules - Kids love to collect all sorts of little figurines and they'll love this Duckies collection. This series of 17 ducks features quacky characters and colors including a Vampire Duck, Bling Duck, Formal Duck, Pirate Duck, Lucky Duck, Zombie Duck, Goth Duck, Bulls-Eye Duck and Eight Ball Duck. Kids will want to collect all of these quacktastick characters. These Duckies are fun to play with in a variety of ways.

    • Size: 1 inch
    • Quantity: 250 acorn capsules
    • Display: Two-sided blister display pictured included FREE of charge

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