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Cut The Rope Prize Redemption Machine

Price: $ 6,595.00 Sale: $ 6,195.00

Cut The Rope Prize Redemption Merchandiser
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Cut The Rope Prize Redemption Merchandiser
Cut the Rope backlighted header for redemption prize game
Closeup of the spider drop vacuum hovering over prizes on "Cut the Rope" redemption game
Cut the Rope user control panel: joystick and button to drop vacuum
Cut the Rope sticker showing various difficulty levels of game play
Cut the Rope sticker showing instructions on how to play
Image of spider picking up a prize in Cut the Rope redemption game

Cut The Rope Prize Redemption Machine

Price: $ 6,595.00 Sale: $ 6,195.00

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Cut The Rope Prize Redemption Merchandiser - Cut The Rope by Zeptolab has taken the handheld video gaming market by storm, and ICE has teamed up with Zeptolab to bring this worldwide gaming hit into the arcade redemption world as a brand new, 100% SKILL-BASED Prize Redemption Machine.

Cut the Rope Prize Merchandiser utilizes a series of (5) discs that range in size, from easier to harder and the operator determines which disc to use, based on the value of the prize being awarded. Cut The Rope game play is very straight forward, very intuitive, and has players lining up for more play again and again.

The patented Vacuum Mechanism is controlled by the player and attempts to land the suction cup inside the disc, and if they are successful, the vacuum will lift up the prize and delivery it to the player. Adding to the instinctive game-play is the color-coded difficulty chart that tells players the level of difficulty to win each prize.

It is highly recommended that operators purchase the Optional Cut The Rope-Branded Prize Starter Kit (Dual Kits) with their order to maximize profit potential.

Click to watch a video of Cut the Rope prize redemption game in action.


  • 100% skill game
  • Unique patented vacuum design
  • Cut the Rope official license
  • 42 piece starter pack included
  • 1-Player Prize Redemption Game Machine


  • Dimensions: 83" H x 43" W x 33" D
  • Shipping Weight: 478 lbs


  • Dollar Bill Acceptor
  • Cut-the-Rope Prize Starter Kits (2)
  • 220-Volt Power Conversion - Email us for details

Availability: Usually ships within 4-5 business days.

Shipping: Standard dock-to-dock delivery within continental US.

Important Delivery Information: This is a heavy freight item. If the delivery location does not have a receiving dock, a lift gate may be required to remove your machine from the delivery truck. A lift gate can be added to the delivery truck, at your request. A premium Inside Delivery option is also available.

Condition: This is a brand new machine shipped with a full-factory warranty. It has not been used or refurbished.