Candy & Gumballs Vending Mix

$ 141.95

Candy & Gumballs Vending Mix

Price: $ 141.95

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  • Bulk Candy & Gumballs Vending Mix - This starter mix includes the most popular vending candies and gumball products and is designed to fill a new machine or a single location. Rest assured that your machine will crank out maximum profits. We've taken all the guesswork out. This mix is the best way to fill a triple vend machine that dispenses candy on the two outside canisters and gumballs in the middle. Total weight is 36.5 pounds.

    • Mike & Ikes 9.0 lbs
    • M&M's Peanut candies 10.5 lbs
    • 850 count / 1 inch gumballs 17 lbs

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