AC7802 Dual Note Bill & Coin Dispenser

$ 5,873.00

AC7802 Dual Note Bill & Coin Dispenser

Price: $ 5,873.00

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  • AC7802 Dual Note Bill and Coin Dispenser - This Front Load Multi-Bill & Coin Changer is designed to break larger bills into smaller bills of two different denominations and coin (or tokens). It features a high security design, Pyramid validator, a 2-700 note cartridge dispenser and a Hopper. Its designed with a Stainless Steel Face Plate. Most customers have $10 & $20 bills; however most of them do not want 80 quarters or tokens in their pockets. Larger bills quickly wipe the change out of your machine, making you visit the bank more often to restock your quarters. Make that a thing of the past! The AC7802 machine features a dispenser made by "LG" which is used in Kiosk's by several Fortune 500 companies. This machine increases customer service & sales as well by increasing customers willingness to break a large bill. This model is ideal for the Vending, Car Wash, Laundry and Amusement Industries.

    • LCD Display
    • Pyramid validator accepts: $1, $5, $10, $20
    • High security design
    • Can dispense one of the following: quarters, tokens, two types of bills or $1 coins
    • Inset provided for multiple payouts
    • Made in USA
    • 2 year warranty on bill validator, 1 year warranty on parts and labor
    • Dimensions: 29" H x 19.25" W x 18.1" D
    • Hopper Capacity:
      • 2,800 quarters/tokens
      • 2,200 $1 coins
    • Dual dispenser capacity:
      • 2-700 note bills
    • Stacker Capacity:
      • 500 Bills
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 147 lbs
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    Optional Upgrades:
    • MEI Validator that accepts: $50, $100
    • MEI AE2602 Validator
    • CoinCo Vantage validator ($1, $5, $10, $20) with 500 note stacker
    • MEI 700 note stacker
    • High security pedestal base - 20 W x 26 1/2 H x 20 D
    • Inset provided for multiple payouts
    • Contact alarm
    • Tilt alarm
    • Audit printer
    • TuBAR T-Handles
    • Medco lock & key

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      Great piece of equipment

      I work for a public library, and for years we had a bill breaker in the lobby that could only handle up to $10 bills, and only provided quarters. This was either inconvenient or inadequate for customers, needed frequent refilling, and the machine was starting to get finicky, so I went hunting for a replacement and found this unit. With extras, this requires far fewer refills, can handle up to $100 bills, and can break bills six ways from Sunday, providing more options. It's an excellent unit and a great addition to our services!