• The Complete List of Gumball Sizes
  • Tori Reneker
The Complete List of Gumball Sizes

Today’s blog post is a little lesson on gumballs. There are at least ten different sizes, so shopping for gumballs and a machine can be pretty confusing. Most gumball machines tell you what size to get, but if not, here’s some help figuring it all out.


The “850 count” is definitely the most common gumball out there. It’s one inch in diameter- just enough to give you a good chew and flavor without a jaw ache to follow. If you have a Carousel Gumball Bank that you got at a garage sale or a gift for your kids’ rooms, you’ll find that those machines dispense gumballs that are < .62″ in diameter- so check out the 8500 count, 5800 count, or most common, the 3650 count gumballs. You can get a “Gumball Refill jar” and the whole process is as easy as pie – or chewin’ bubble gum.

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comment box or let me know if this is helpful!

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