• The Fascination of Coin Funnels
  • Spencer Williams
The Fascination of Coin Funnels

Coin funnels

Also known as spiral wishing wells, have long interested adults and kids alike. Perhaps it is the way that no two coins take the same path, or the way that a coin travels faster and faster until dropping into the hole. Either way, coin funnels are a wonderful way to “grant wishes” as well as make money.

Coin funnels are the ultimate investment. All you have to do is purchase a funnel, place it in a well-trafficked area, and watch the coins spiral into your lock box. You do not even have to provide any products in return—you must only provide the fascination of the coin funnel. To learn more about these well-loved items, please visit Gumball.com today or call us at 1-800-260-0010.

The Science of Spiral Wishing Wells

Perhaps some of the fascination of spiral wishing wells is due to the many different scientific principles that are at work with the coin racing through the funnel. Not only does a racing coin display the concepts of acceleration, centripetal force, and inertia, but it also serves as a simple explanation for how gravity works.

With a coin funnel, the hole in the center is like the sun, and the coin represents a planet in orbit around the sun. Displaying Einstein's theory of relativity, the “sun” forms a depression in the blanket of space, which slowly draws the “planet” closer and closer as it slides toward the center. Who could guess that a simple coin funnel could explain the theory of relativity?

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Maybe the fascination of a coin funnel wishing well is similar to our fascination with space, or perhaps it is simply fun to watch coins race each other to the hole in the middle of the funnel. Regardless, this tool can be used as a way to teach science as well as an easy way to make money. For a durable, sturdy coin vortex funnel, you should visit Gumball.com today. For additional questions, call us at 1-800-260-0010.

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