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Spiral Gumball Machine

Spiral Gumball Machines - has an incredible selection of Wizard brand spiral gumball machines, parts and supplies. You won't find anyone carrying a larger selection anywhere on the Internet. These are professional grade machines that are completely dependable. You can have them customized for both color and dazzling lights to attract attention multiply your patron's fun and generate massive profits. More

These incredible machines can be converted to accept foreign coins, tokens, even free-play, and range from 27 inches to over 7 feet tall. Get one of these original, classic Wizard spiral gumball machines with proven profit generating track records today.

Why should I buy a spiral machine?

If you’re looking for an attention grabbing machine that’s sure to attract a ton of business, look no further than our spiral gumball machines. These fun alternatives to the traditional machine add another dimension of enjoyment to passers-by. Kids and adults alike love watching their gumball spiral down the clear race track. Spiral machines are proven profit generators and can pay for themselves after dispensing one full globe of gumballs. Their heavy duty materials and top of the line manufacturing ensure dependability and little maintenance. Choose from our wide range of color options to either stand out or blend in. You can even add lights to garner more attention to your machine. They range in sizes from 27 inches to seven and a half feet tall! For a shorter spiral experience you can try the Mini Wizard that works great in smaller spaces. The 5’ Wizard, our most popular spiral machine, generates more revenue than any traditional gumball machine. For high traffic areas you might want to consider our giant gumball machines that can dispense multiple gumballs at once and tower over seven feet tall, making it a prime photo opportunity for visitors.

How many gumballs should I order to fill up my Wizard machine?

These machines have high capacity globes and the foot traffic coming through your location will determine which size machine you need. The more people you have coming through each day, the bigger the machine you'll need. The mid-sized machines, WizKid and Wizard, work well in retail environments like stores, restaurants, skating and roller rinks, and gas stations, whereas the Giant and Mega are ideally suited for malls, fairs and theme parks. Each machine vends the industry standard size a one-inch diameter gumball, also known as "850 count", the number of pieces in a case. Here is the capacity for each machine:

  • 27” Mini Wizard - capacity is 450 gumballs or ½ case of bulk gum.
  • 4’ WizKid - capacity is 1,600 gumballs or 2 cases.
  • 5’ Wizard - capacity is 3,400 gum balls or 4 cases.
  • 5’6” Wizard Giant - capacity of 6,800 bulk gumballs or 8 cases.
  • 7’6” Mega Wizard - holds 20,000 gumballs. This is a lot. Think 24 cases of our 850 count gumballs!
  • Rocket Spiral - holds 600 bubble gumballs.

Does the Wizard spiral have a warranty?

Yes! All spiral machines come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all moving parts and electronic components. Wizard equipment feature the Beaver coin mechanism and this top quality component has a limited-lifetime warranty. The machines are made of durable corvette fiberglass, top quality components and will provide many years of reliable, trouble free service.

If my machine breaks, can I buy replacement parts?

In addition to selling the Wizard machines, we also offer the complete line of factory original replacement parts including lock and keys, coin mechanisms, stands and much more. See them all by visiting our Wizard parts page.

History of the Wizard Spiral Gumball Vender

By now, everyone has seen the ubiquitous Gumball Wizard outside any number of retail outlets. Dave Haymond, founder of Global Gumball in Gilbert, AZ, invented and patented the Wizard in 1993.  It was the very first and original spiral gumball machine and this innovative product was credited with launching a revolution within the vending industry.  The concept was special because it brought the element of entertainment to the purchase. The Wizard added value because it offers the experience of watching the gumball drop from the globe and spiral around and around down a track to the bottom of the machine. got its start in the vending business by securing the exclusive right to distribute and help Dave market the Wizard across the United States. The Wizard was an instant hit when it arrived to the marketplace, quickly propelling our annual sales into the millions, but savvy competitors found a way to circumvent the patent held by Global Gumball and flooded the market with knock-offs. This resulted in our company diversifying its product offering to include a wide range of vending products from other leading suppliers. 2013 marks our 20th year in business and it all started with our clever friend Dave who single handedly transformed the vending industry as we know it.  When you purchase a spiral gumball machine from, you can say with confidence that you own an original.