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The Simpsons Plush Toys Crane MIx

The Simpsons 50% Licensed Plush Mix - 150pc

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The Simpsons 50% Licensed Plush Mix - Check out this super awesome plush toy refill for your crane/claw machine. A full 50% of this mix is characters from the hit cartoon The Simpsons! The Simpsons has won dozens of awards since it debuted as a series in 1989. This mix of generic plush & The Simpsons toys include Homer, Bart, Maggie, Spider Pig, Santa's Little Helpher, Krusty, Millhouse, and Apu!

  • Contents: 50% The Simpsons Licensed Plush & 50% Generic Plush
  • Piece count: 150 toys
  • Toy Size: 7"-11"

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Note: Actual items you receive may differ from the photo, as crane mixes are updated frequently with new items.

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