Coin Funnel

$ 2,799.00

Coin Funnel

Price: $ 2,799.00

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  • Coin Funnel / Coin Wishing Well - What an amazing vending concept! Our Coin Funnel Wishing Well collects buckets of money without selling any product! Don't settle for small, flimsy, or cheap spiral wishing wells that can't stand up to curious kids climbing all over them. This is the sturdiest coin vortex funnel on the market! Also known as a Coin Wishing Well, Coin Spiral Wishing Well, Coin Hyperbolic Funnel and Coin Spiral Machine, this cash cow is the perfect vending / fund raising partner.

    How it works. Simply place a coin in one of the two launching ramps (both point in the same direction) and watch as the coin swirls around the funnel, faster and faster, until the coin reaches its terminal velocity and drops down into the center of the coin funnel into a locked box. You'll be astonished to watch the customers lining up to "race" each other to see which coin is the first to drop into your profit center! Note that 2 coins can be launched at the same time without crashing into each other.

    • Materials: base and funnel made out of heavy duty, impact resistant fiberglass
    • Base Color: Black with silver flecks, black and gray (oak cabinet no longer available)
    • Spiral funnel colors: Black only (quarters stand out the best against black).
    • Decals or signage may be attached to the to the launcher. Sorry, we do not install signage at the factory.
    • 76 wide (outside cabinet) and 26" high
    • Funnel diameter is approximately 58"
    • Weight: 225 lbs.

    Availability: Custom built to order. Usually ships from the factory within 5-6 weeks.